Fallout 1.5: Resurrection

21.02.2014 EN Translation Sample

The translation of Resurrection into English is now fully in motion. We’ve recently had a lively discussion over the best translation for names of certain groups, people and places, and now the actual texts are being translated. Given the large amount of text (the amount we’ve discussed in the previous update), our translators still have a lot of work ahead of them. However, there are nine of them now, so I’m confident that they will handle it. Their names have now been added to the list of team members, because they already deserve to be named there. Once we have enough translated texts, we’ll properly start proofreading them. Several people have already volunteered to help out with this.

We’ve prepared for you a little sample of our translation, so that you can say what you think about its quality. The sample is composed of two holodisks, chosen to be completely free of spoilers, as well as be meaningful even without any knowledge of the game. These texts have already been proofread, so treat them as final versions. You can read them on our forum. You can write what you think about them there, too. We’ll appreciate any feedback. If something will seem off about them, write what you think is wrong and why you think so. This way we can learn and be better in the future. English isn’t our first language, and so we don’t always catch details that might be obvious to a native speaker.

Holodisk: Vault locations v12.004

Holodisk: Nuclear Attacks and You

If for whatever reason you don’t want to register in our forum, you can email your comments to info@resurrection.cz