Fallout 1.5: Resurrection

08.04.2004 Dialog screens and changes in team

It's been a long time since our last update, and many people may have forgotten about us or felt the project was stalled. But we have not forgotten, and have been working hard on the project the whole time. And we've got the proof! To our screenshot section we have added two new dialog screens, which should make all you Fallout fans happy again. There have also been a few changes to our team. Mad_Eye, Tristram and Jay Kowalski have left us, while three new people have joined; Harley will be writing, Foman will be mapping, and Pito will join as a graphic artist. All of them are devoted to the project and we believe will be a great benefit to the team.


22.11.2003 New English proof-reader joins our team!

Since the announcement of the English version of our homepage we have received many offers to help the team with our English translation, and since we acknowledge our English is not perfect, we have added a new English proof-reader. That said, we would like to introduce "Shafty" as our new English proof-reader. We hope the English website is now improved :) As the project progresses, we may continue to solicit additional proof-readers if we require further assistance.


09.11.2003 Starting up our page in English

Welcome to our project's page, Fallout 1.5: Resurrection which is a modification of Fallout 2 with the story set in the interval between F1 and F2. If you wish to know more about Resurrection, click the "Story" link to the left. We have been working on this project for some time, but the English version of our homepage was just recently initiated. We hope to translate the entire modification, but currently we have only a few screenshots and wallpapers available. If you wish to ask questions or share comments, you may use our simple form or visit our English forum at the Vault of Mad Brahmin.


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