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Quest help: Bring Vex's head to William

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Quest help: Bring Vex's head to William


I am trying to get me a head on a spike! Vex's head. But I did a mistake. I asked his (SPOILER ALERT) favorite prostitute Cindy to kill him for me. I was to meet her somewhere that same evening. At 20:00 she disappears from her room but I can't find her anywhere in town and I don't remember where I was supposed to meet her. My latest save before this is in the previous town and I would really not like to start the town ALL OVER. Would someone please help me? Where can I find the whore and what should I bring her?


BTW somebody needs to make a walkthrough soon. Like we had in the good old days. Just for tips when we're stuck.


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Re: Quest help: Bring Vex's head to William

You're supposed to meet her at midnight between Wild Paradise and Chuck's weapons shop. You don't need to bring anything, but (SPOILER) be ready to fight.
And you can always attack Vex directly at his base so there's no reason to load the older save.

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