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[Spoilers] Stuck on Vault 16 Third Floor - Help!

Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 6:51 pm
by KL1
I got the instructions from Parson, but it seems I did them in the wrong order!

Instructions were:
Eliminate Hunters - Damage the tunnel with explosives - Sound the alarm

I first went to the tunnel and completely blocked it with explosives. This started combat, and after a long fight I barely managed to eliminate all Hunters. I found a note with the password on one of them, so I sounded the alarm via the computer.

Now I'm stuck!
The tunnel is blocked so I can't go to the Hunters base.
Clicking on the elevator shaft to the second floor does nothing.
I can't leave the third floor!

Any ideas please?
My earliest save was in the second floor and I really don't want to repeat both fights again.

Thank you.

Re: [Spoilers] Stuck on Vault 16 Third Floor - Help!

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2019 1:05 am
by NovaRain
You don't need to go to the Hunters base. The quest only wants you to kick all hunters out of Vault 16.

Re: [Spoilers] Stuck on Vault 16 Third Floor - Help!

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2019 9:05 am
by KL1
NovaRain wrote:You don't need to go to the Hunters base. The quest only wants you to kick all hunters out of Vault 16.
Well, I did. There are no more Hunters on the third floor anymore. And the tunnel is closed. Even the scientist were gone after I triggered the alarm (although this should not be possible because the tunnel was already closed). Now I'm running free on the Vault's third floor and I can't get up to report this to Parson! When I go to the elevator shaft and click on the rope (with the hand sign) it does nothing no matter how many times I tried.

The only remaining things beside my team, is the aliens but they are all behind the forcefields. I can't seem to open the forcefields myself as no computer would respond (other than the one with the alarm and it now only has the 'leave' option as the alarm has already been triggered). I tried to use 'Repair' on the forcefields but my repair is only 55% and it always fails to turn them off.

You see I'm literally stuck now :D
I can't go anywhere in the game anymore.

Re: [Spoilers] Stuck on Vault 16 Third Floor - Help!

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2019 8:11 pm
by Daemon
You don't need to sound the alarm. Sounding the alarm is a way to get the Hunters out of the vault without combat. But since you first destroyed the tunnel, there's no point sounding the alarm.
Are you sure the scientists disappeared when you sounded the alarm? That sounds like a bug. But didn't you killed them with the other Hunters?
Check the whole floor, every corner, it's possible some Hunter is still there alive.

Re: [Spoilers] Stuck on Vault 16 Third Floor - Help!

Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2019 9:08 pm
by KL1
Yeah I realize that I did the mission the wrong way.

Your advice to check every corner was useful. I didn't find any Hunters, but I found a switch on the wall that cuts the power to the forcefields (I seem to remember in FO2 using the repair skill on them to open which is what I was trying to do unsuccessfully). I killed the aliens, and was then able to use the elevator shaft to go up!
My game is saved :D

Here's what happened step by step once I went to the third floor:
1. The 2 Emperial Soldiers cleared the mines and waited.
2. I walk inside and the Hunters don't attack since I'm not an Empire soldier.
3. I go directly to the tunnel and do the explosion and the tunnel is closed.
4. Automatically after the explosion it goes into combat with the Hunters (not sure if because they realize I'm an enemy or simply because one hunter standing close to the tunnel get hurt from the explosion).
5. I go to combat with the ones close to the tunnel area, but each turn I can read what is happening on the other side in the entrance as the 2 Emperial soldiers are also fighing the Hunters off camera.
6. It takes a long time to fight, kite, and kill all the Hunters, but the 2 Emperial soldiers die as well.
7. The whole area with the scientist and the aliens is still closed and there is no Hunters in it, but everyone else is dead except me and my companions.
8. I loot the bodies and find the paper with the password for the computer of the alarm.
9. Stupidly I think I still need to sound the alarm, so I go to the computer and do it.
10. The scientists disappear even though the tunnel is already closed!
11. I try to go up the elevator shaft to end the mission but I can't (I click the rope when the mouse makes the hand sign and my character makes the animation like he's using the rope but nothing happens).
12. I take your advice and search (click) on every corner and wall and accidentally find a power switch that disables the forcefields.
13. Fight with the aliens, and after killing them was able to use the rope in the elevator shaft to go up!

What a ride :D

Thank you for answering me and helping me progress.