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[Spoilers] Eliminate both 'parties' in Corath

Posted: Fri Mar 01, 2019 9:13 am
by KL1
Is there a way to eliminate both Nestor and Uncle from Corath, without making the Police (and consequently the city dwellers) turn hostile against you?

I've tried to side with either of them in 2 different playthroughs, as it is impossible to side with both at the same time (since their first quest is choosing sides). After finishing their line of quests, I get 'liked' as a reputation in Corath. If I go to eliminate the other party after that, the Police immediately turns hostile against me (they initiate combat on sight) and so does the city inhabitants (including the doctor and the shopkeeper).

The thing is, in the dialogue options with them during their quests there is always an option to challenge them to a fight in the ring. This line disappears once I finish their quests. So there is no way for my to 'lawfully' challenge them anymore.

So other than the evil option of just killing everyone in Corath (would be great for karma in an evil scenario), is there a way to eliminate both parties but not the rest of the town?

Thank you.

Re: [Spoilers] Eliminate both 'parties' in Corath

Posted: Sun Mar 03, 2019 1:29 am
by Muttie
No, you can only help either side. And any conflict outside of the “law of the ring” will bring the wrath of the whole town down on you. - So is the law! :)

I think the idea of the conflict is that one side (Nestor) is considered evil, but good for the people, while the other (Uncle) is liked by everyone, but not good for the future of the town in the long run. So it's a semi-difficult call to make, with an interesting twist to it. As choosing the "right" side, will not get you liked in town.

Wiping both sides is probably the worst ending for Corath, and should be equal to just wiping the whole town tbh.

However, saying that siding with both sides at the same time is impossible, is not correct, as Corath is actually the most flexible “faction” quest in Resurrection. (The other is savage tribe vs. donor hunter, imo.) As you can get the quest from both sides (or only one), and then do them in any way you like (free Richie/kill Richie) and (end strike/escalate strike). As long as you have solved a quest for each side (free Richie/escalate strike) or (end strike/kill Richie), you can pick who you challenge in the end.*
Which is neat because of the barter bonus from Uncle ;)
Plus, you get access to their buildings to loot them. Including a Big Book of Science IF (big if ;)) you want to get your Traps skill up to 81%. My favourite, though, is putting a crowbar to the desk in Uncle's room, and go: “Hey, Uncle your desk-draw is stuck.” Bang! “Never mind, fixed it.”. That always cracks me up...

*(Note: The quest-line is very flexible. However, there is one oddity. When you have the quest by Ademar to free Richie, and you do so, it should grant you an invite by Nestor in the end. However, if you cause the miners' uprising before reporting back to Ademar, it won't (which may be a bug?). In any other case (e.g. reporting back to Ademar first, or having no quest by Ademar to free Richie) you get the invite just fine.)

EDIT: The challenge line disappears as challenges need a “conflict” and in the case of Nestor and Uncle that conflict ends, when either side is dead or exiled. So the option to challenge is gone, too.

Re: [Spoilers] Eliminate both 'parties' in Corath

Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 4:57 pm
by KL1
Yeah it's pretty complex in Corath as there is no clear good vs bad choices, but I really like that. Other than the fact that life in general is not in black and white, it makes the "re-playability" of this mod extremely exciting because there are simply too many way to play it and that doesn't really depend on you choosing a good/evil character.

I was playing an evil character and wanted to 'con' both sides but in the end, as you said, a choice must be made and once it's made then that's it in Corath. There is nothing left to do, short of killing everyone (which is tedious and not very appealing even for an evil roleplay as there is no way to justify it).