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Quest problem - Gurgan

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Quest problem - Gurgan

Hi guys! First of all - great mod, honestly brings back memories. Had to take few days off work to appreciate it and it is so nice to know, there are psychos similair to me, that still hold original Fallouts deep in their hearts. Deep enough to spend their free time bringing this game to life again.

So, what's the deal with tribals in Albuquerque? I know Gurgan is supposed to give a quest, I've been told to go and ask him about it, but when I do, I fail whatever check is in place (Charisma? Speech?) and don't get another shot at this.
Please don't tell me that doing one accidental run for organ hunters just ruined it :P...


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Re: Quest problem - Gurgan

You took days off from work for Resurrection? Wow, that's some dedication to it. Thanks!

How do you "accidentally" hunt people for their organs? :-) Yep, that's a problem. But if you keep hunting for the hospital, you may have some dealings with Gurgan's tribe eventually 8)

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