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Weapon modification

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Weapon modification

So anyone found any interesting weapons that can be modified, beside mods from Fallout 2? I found out that you can modify combat shotgun (increase damage to 24-34 but removes burst) and sniper rifle (-10 range -1 action point to shoot, basically .223 pistol, but I don't know if it has weapon penetrate perk from Fallout 2).



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Re: Weapon modification

you should be happy that you aren't using big guns xD

also for early game ext mag for eagle is nice


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Re: Weapon modification

My very first upgraded gun was sawed-off shotgun. Relatively cheap, available as soon as you get your hands on double barreled Winchester in Rat Hole, with slightly increased damage at cost of shortened range. Mad Max approved!



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Re: Weapon modification

What are mods for heavy weapons? Sawn off minigun?


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Re: Weapon modification

Hefarius wrote:What are mods for heavy weapons? Sawn off minigun?

Flamer -> Improved Flamer.
Flamer fuel -> Flamer fuel MK2.
Minigun -> Avenger Minigun.

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