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[spoilers] Albuquerque hospital

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Re: [spoilers] Albuquerque hospital

This is weird.

When I tried to prepare savefiles for the upload and in the process did the quest again it suddenly worked as it was supposed to. Sorry to stir up this fuss.


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Re: [spoilers] Albuquerque hospital

Now I suspect that the holodisk doesn't unlock you option to tell Gurgan about hospital if you donwload it to Pip-Boy before you get the quest. Maybe that was your problem. I'll check it out, thanks for the info.


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Re: [spoilers] Albuquerque hospital

IIRC there's one imprisoned tribal in the same room where Paul stands and he'll send you to Gurgan after talking to him. You have to step close to the prison cell in order to initiate the dialogue.

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