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Albuquerque Imperial City side

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Albuquerque Imperial City side

First of all you have my honest gratulations for mavelous job you did with Fallout 1.5! Awaiting Fallout 2.5!


I am stuck in the game. Done plenty of quests in various city. I've obey all Anonyms quest making him new ruler. I've only speak about hunters with the guy next to the gate to Albuquerque suburbs, never talked the guy in front of the hunters quaters. Right before double crossing and killing the midget my Imperial City status was accepted. After making the new ruler I've returned to antipathy. So the ruler gave me free access to the city, but no to the vault.
New ruler said that I could be summoned in future by her and that I should go to the comouter to download sth on pipboy.

How I can access to the Vault?

What I must do to be summoned by her?

How I can push forward main quest to Rebirth City without joining the Hunters?


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Re: Albuquerque Imperial City side


Connect your Pip-Boy and wait a few days. She doesn't have work for you right now, but something may come up. She'll contact you eventually, you'll receive message while in Albuquerque. Don't worry, you can leave and return later. Just don't join the Mutant Hunters.

Gain access to the surface part of the Hunters base and talk to their leader (the guy in power amor without a helmet) about Rebirth base. Just gaining access doesn't mean you're joining them.

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