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How to get a early Big Gun

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How to get a early Big Gun

Hello! :D

so im wanting to make a big guns build because i never used any in the original fallouts

so where do i get a big gun the early as possible?



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Re: How to get a early Big Gun

In the Progema facility is a minigun (and a combat armor). You miss out on a unique laser pistol if you go there without a very high science skill. But for a big guns build, that doesn't really matter. You'll have to fight one deathclaw (not a very tough one), but with a combat armor and a minigun that should be no problem.

Other than that, you can go on caravan runs, sometimes the ghouls in power armor carry a big gun.


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Re: How to get a early Big Gun

I think Sedit has a Flamer in a shop.

Albu-Hunters Territory- Chuck has minigun.

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