Just finished it: here's my feedback

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Just finished it: here's my feedback

Post by Bob_The_Mighty » Tue Oct 04, 2016 3:04 am

Wow. First off, I'd like to congratulate the modders for a great game. I remember looking round the web years ago for mods for Fallout and always being disappointed that so many projects had died off. Is it true it took ten years to make? That's insane. But thank you, it was a pleasure to play a whole new Fallout adventure. I always thought I'd just have to keep replaying the first two with ever dwindling surprises.

When I read that it had been translated from Czech I feared that the dialogue would be passable at best, but it's actually pretty good. There are some stilted sentences every now and then, but on the whole the text was handled well. For some reason most of the more dubious writing occurred in the very first village and towards the end of the game, especially during the longer expositions. That said, the majority of the mid-game read well and kept things going nicely (I tended to skip the holodisk data dumps).

I have to say I enjoyed the first half of the game more than the latter part. The Rathole story was great; Sedit and Corath were classic Fallout environments, and Albuquerque had some of the darkest subplots I've ever seen in a game (a good thing). Sophie's departure was actually quite moving, especially given what proceeded it.

My main gripe is that the difficulty seemed to notch up drastically at places, particularly during the big scripted battles. I played the first half of the game on the hardest setting, which was just right for me, but I found myself forced to go into easy mode for the imperial coup, the mutant trap and the final base. I'm not one for grinding (not excessively, anyway), so maybe I was far below what min-max players could handle in those battles. I found the final location somewhat frustrating: there seemed to be lots of hints I that should be able to make my through it using science and sneak, but in the end it came down to a big old fight.

My favourite bits were the investigation in Rathole, the guy with the burns in Corath, the gunshop story in Albuquerque and the sneaky Sheriff mission in Sedit. I never found a solution I was happy with in Corath; I wanted to help the miners' strike, but I left it when I realised it would lead to a massacre (same thing happened in Arcanum) so I never got an end screen for the town. I really like how you never quite know who's telling the truth - at several points I was having to make judgements calls on who to follow or support, based on information that could well be a lie.

In terms of bugs, it was actually less choppy than I remember the original games. Here's some points off the top of my head:

1. When you mouse-over certain caravaners in Corath and Albuquerque the text display says 'error'. When you click on them, their overhead dialogue also says 'error'.
2. Many of the locked containers are bugged. Often the text display told me I had earned xp before the container was actually unlocked. I was usually doing it via the lockpick set in my hand, rather than the skilldex.
3. I ordered Keri to change from robes to her leather armour on the bottom floor of the base. The screen went black, combat mode initiated and the game froze for a while.
4. In the base, taking the elevator down to a new floor for the first time seemed to initiate combat even when I'd given a valid name. I spent ages looking for an alternative solution, until frustration forced me to try it again - and lo and behold it worked giving the same name!
5. While fighting on the bottom floor, my followers decided to run into the (locked) reactor room. Luckily, they didn't die a horrible radioactive death, but they had me worried. A similar thing happened in the shootout outside the imperial town hall - an enemy got knocked back inside the building and ran away, prompting one of the friendly allied soldiers to chase him. They had a punch up inside while I was unable to open the door to help.

Some things that aren't exactly bugs, but I thought could be improved:

6. I didn't find a single special encounter, despite ploughing my way through stacks of Ms Stapleton's scout books.
7. When the mutant hunters invaded the vault, I went to their base to see if they had anything to say both before and after the mission. Nope, business as usual. (On a side note: who in their right mind would keep those guys as hired mercenaries after they had attacked the vault?)
8. I kept checking if the new emperor had anything to say about developments regarding the final two bases, but he didn't.
9. I dug up the note before I'd done anything else towards solving the Rathole murder mystery, but George wasn't interested. I'd been trying to wave it in his face, but he didn't acknowledge it until much later.

Thanks again for making this. It's been a good year for old-school post-apocalyptic isometric turn-based RPGS. :)

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Re: Just finished it: here's my feedback

Post by Daemon » Tue Oct 04, 2016 3:39 pm

Thank you for your feedback. We didn't know about those two bugs from Rebirth Base so thanks to you, we can fix them too for version 1.5.

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Re: Just finished it: here's my feedback

Post by Waltuo » Tue Oct 04, 2016 8:57 pm

Bob_The_Mighty wrote:2. Many of the locked containers are bugged. Often the text display told me I had earned xp before the container was actually unlocked. I was usually doing it via the lockpick set in my hand, rather than the skilldex.
You know, the same thing often happened to me but it was not due to a bug. Sometimes I would go straight for the lockpicks before checking whether the container was locked at all and thus earning some unintentional exp for locking the container instead of unlocking it! :oops:
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Re: Just finished it: here's my feedback

Post by laclongquan » Thu Oct 06, 2016 2:29 pm

An usual boon for lockpickers from F1 to FT

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Re: Just finished it: here's my feedback

Post by barbaronan » Tue Oct 18, 2016 11:59 am

Bob_The_Mighty wrote: 6. I didn't find a single special encounter, despite ploughing my way through stacks of Ms Stapleton's scout books.
There are many special encounters, you just need high luck, outdoorsman and perks like ranger and scout ;D

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Re: Just finished it: here's my feedback

Post by ScarlletAngel » Sat Feb 25, 2017 11:04 pm

Congratulations!! Good game!
My favorite feature is the character customization. Divine Favor, Sniper and delaying Perks are AWESOME!!! :D
I was able to bypass all the other limitations of the game:
I killed the Savior and left the Rebirth Base to keep playing instead of letting my character die. :P
I stole pulse pistols from empire soldiers during the Vault 16 mission only to have my favorite gun. 8)
And the best of all: I collected ALL atribute raises (from the tribals and from the hospital). AND still got karma over 1000 (Savior of the Danmed) and completed all quests gaining positive Karma. 8)
However... the companions are VERY ANNOYING. Their constant opinions and demands almost ruined all my fun.
Gabriel is the worst. I saved game and killed him many times during gameplay just to relieve the stress his demands caused me. His background also made me sick.
Lystra is almost the same. Very annoying.
My favorite companion is Drools. He is strong, tough to kill and remain SILENT. He should be able to carry stuff, though.
Another big problem about companions: I could not find a way to band all of them together. I enjoy BIG parties and missed it VERY VERY MUCH.
There are lots of interesting characters in the game that would be great companions. Suggestions: Marry, Vodka, Mario Carbone, Catherine, Sophie, Mimi, Christos, Terrak, Benicio... even the first mole rat we find inside the cave in New Hope would be a better companion than Gabriel.
Sorry for this! The game is really good and I enjoy it very very much. The companions seems to me like the weak point in the game. It is the only thing that makes me miss Fallout 2. Every time I look to Keri, I cannot help but remember how I miss Sulik and Cassidy. :cry:

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