Post Mon Mar 13, 2017 9:42 pm

Simple easy sound fix for intro

Rather than risk this getting lost in a list of correction suggestions I thought I'd post it by itself:

The introduction is sublime, The Inkspots soothe my ears, what kills them is the static sound used! I completely get what you were going for with the TV noise but rather than sound like neutral white noise it sounds painfully abrasive - I have to choose between turning my volume down and not fully appreciating the fantastic song or gritting my teeth until it subsides.

The good news is that unless I'm going slightly mad, the version used at the completion of the game (right after completion, not the final credits version without the added effects) sounds perfect!

Having a sensitive ear for these things, I don't think I'm somehow mistaken on this last part. It seems the volume level for the static is too high in the intro and lower in the outro, either that or a different sample is used. At any rate, the outro feels fuzzy whereas the intro feels sharp - it gave an unpleasant first impression that was out of place with the general excellence of what followed.


-RiC D