This black areas at the borders look REALLY bad

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Re: This black areas at the borders look REALLY bad

Post by Occidio » Thu Jul 21, 2016 11:12 pm

Ponyportal wrote:Nothing can be worse then this. If there's a goal for a mod to be professional and to look polished and just, to be honest, to be percived seriously this should be fixed. Everything would be better then that. I would actually donated to this game, if this would be fixed. I suggest you to place a donate button somewhere.
Seriously? You're trolling the Resurrection Fallout 2 fan mod forum?

Shut. Up.

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Re: This black areas at the borders look REALLY bad

Post by Daemon » Fri Jul 22, 2016 9:14 am

Hey guys, thanks a lot for the support! But take it easy. No need for the insults, he just expressed his opinion. You're responding to two years old message, let it rest.

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Re: This black areas at the borders look REALLY bad

Post by necromonger » Fri Jul 29, 2016 1:53 pm

Ractaros96 wrote:To me, that black areas are not an issue. I remember that in Restoration Project they were filled with sand or inaccessible buildings (in cities). It's just cosmetics and it doesn't add anything to gameplay. The real professionalism can be seen in way locations are made, character creation, quests and dialogues. And up to this point Resurrection has made an impression on me as distinct game and not as a modification.
I agree. A lot of professional games have black areas. It may be ugly to people who are graphics whores but it is not a sign of a poorly made unprofessional mod.

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Re: This black areas at the borders look REALLY bad

Post by c_hieter » Sun Nov 13, 2016 6:00 pm

i agree with CafeOfBrokenDreams .
i would bet that the OP wouldn't screw a beautiful woman just because he thought her earrings sucked.
myself, i would screw the woman and buy her earrings that we both liked.
in other words, get the benefit and then fix it.

a lot of hard work went into this and is still going on .
so do the hard work, for free, or STFU.

i salute the folks who did the work.
good job.

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Re: This black areas at the borders look REALLY bad

Post by Shazz » Fri Jan 06, 2017 3:50 am

Daemon wrote:Part of building from one area in another area is there intentionally, it's not a bug. It's there in order to clearly see how each location connecting to another. I find it better than it used to be in some locations in the original Fallout 2, where two supposedly neighbouring locations didn't seem to be connected at all and walking from one to the another seemed like walking to some other city.

What glitches and bugs have you encountered? Unfortunately, Drobovik's translation can cause some bugs itself (as far as I know).
I can see that was intentional and I agree it looks better; linking parts of the map together to make it feel as one. I prefer it :P In regards to the OP comment, it's not a big deal and as another said, just go back to the original resolution to avoid the black excess areas. Great work on the mod, im playing it for the first time :D

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Re: This black areas at the borders look REALLY bad

Post by DarthVenis » Wed Feb 01, 2017 8:52 am

Personnally, I don't understand why does somebody even care about such a tiniest of issues, as some black border in the part of the map you definitely won't get to:-) If somebody wants top notch graphics, then let 'em go play Fallout 4, it has a tremendous graphics...and it really SUCKS in anything else. We who love F1 and 2, and who would praise the Resurrection team forever for this MARVELOUS masterpiece they have created, really do care more about plot, quests, gameplay, athmosphere, then graphics at all, don't we? Anyway, everyone has right to have one's opinion, and as much as I admire Daemon in particular, and all Ressurection team as a whole, I equally admire the way Daemon reacted to this IMO completely unfunded and irrelevand complaint! Live long and prosper guys and Qa'Pla!

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