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Win 7 taskbar

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Win 7 taskbar

Not sure if this is right place to write, or if someone already did. If so, please remove or move this thread. If I send game to background (via alt+tab), there is no game in taskbar. However, game is still running and can be accessed with alt+tab. If it is only in my case, I can provide more info.


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Re: Win 7 taskbar

You're not alone. But actually I have the opposite problem :). I cannot alt-tab back but I can see Resurrection on the taskbar so I can click on it to get back to the game. And even sometimes the game gets automatically minimized and I have to click on the taskbar icon again.

http://falloutmods.wikia.com/wiki/High_ ... Patch_bugs

Not sure but it looks like it may be caused by High Resolution Patch (which is already present in Resurrection) since it works well to me with original unpatched (just 1.02) Fallout2. After patching it with High Resolution Patch it starts to behave like this. There is probably nothing we can do about it :(

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