[Review] I hate this game :P

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[Review] I hate this game :P

Post by markmorgan » Fri Aug 12, 2016 6:30 pm


first to all developers!! Huge thanks for creating this mod, and the amount of time it took you. Super much respect!!

My review of the game:

It's nothing like Fallout 2 arcade game. Every moment in this game feels like struggle. The world is obviously destroyed by nukes, but thats not the worst. The worst is everyone inside it is fighting you to live, even if it means they have to kill you. Entire world seems to hate you and wants to take everything from you if you dont look out.

So how you survive in this? You must adapt. First, I wanted to play like "righteous man", always do the good things, help people, don't use drugs, get huge karma, etc.. Died many times, maaan this sucks. Not getting anywhere, can't do shit. Then I was like, "ok, no problem", lets put easy-mode for first time going through. Haha, forgot I putted it on easy to kill the rats inside the cave (begin of the game). mmm so I have to deal with this shit then one way or the other haha.

My first "real" gun, I took it by watching friends die inside caravan, looting their body and running away. What a scumbag I am haha. Then for the real mission: not even your "friends" give a shit:I joined Mutant Hunters because I felt they sure also gain if they kill the "machine" (No spoilers here). But no, they prefer to stay inside their base, talk how good they are "pure humans" and how much they hate mutants, but no help whatsoever. OK..

So I went to finish the game, but how to do it? Almost no stimpacks, very little ammo, loot everywhere is awful, shops have shit items, and I had wrong skills (everything on small guns). fuck me, and this is "easy" mode haha. So I got 3 levels, to raise energy weapon to 80% (there's many many fusion cells in this game surprisingly), and used all drugs possible, buffout to get enough str to carry the big weapon, psycho for damage resistance. Still I could not destroy base in 1 go, had to go back multiple times. Damn. meter by meter I killed everyone inside it. Finally finished, and what an ending. I was not expecting a happy one, but haha, nice! After all this hard work!


So, bottom line: I cannot say this game made me happy to play it. It's totally different from FO2, and I think even a better game than Fallout 1. Here you feel how it is to possibly live in such a world, how everything is against you, and where you MUST do things in not a "civilized" way. Otherwise you don't survive, the end. There's no good and bad. I "hate" it in a way because everything is fighting you and you MUST fight them back with the same scum tactics to win! But don't misunderstand me, it's a veryyy awesome game, and I'm very thankful to the developers to give me this experience.

Highly recommended 5/5.

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Re: [Review] I hate this game :P

Post by valcik » Sat Aug 13, 2016 5:29 am

Great review @markmorgan, agreed wholeheartedly. This is exactly how my first playthrough looked like! Resurrection can be very ungrateful bitch, collecting all your good intentions patiently in order to slap you right in the face with it in the end-slides. :)

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Re: [Review] I hate this game :P

Post by Blodcyning » Thu Nov 10, 2016 6:20 am

My first "real" gun, I took it by watching friends die inside caravan, looting their body and running away.
Same, lol. I also got a companion killed just so I could sneak around some enemies and finish a quest I was having trouble on.

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