How to make Keri use her Throw skill?

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How to make Keri use her Throw skill?

Post by KL1 » Mon Jan 28, 2019 9:04 am

Keri says she's good with throwing weapons and she also already has a Grenade. I gave her some Throwing Knives and Molotovs, and I set her Combat to "Ranged then Melee". She still doesn't throw anything. She only uses her Combat Knife. How can I make her use Throwing weapons?

Also, anyone has any idea about the difference in her primary skill 'Melee' and her secondary 'Small Guns'? Is it too big of a difference that I should keep her with Melee weapons (best is the Combat Knife really and she already has it), or not so much that I should start giving her Small Guns and Ammo (which are expensive and also will only shoot once per turn)?

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Re: How to make Keri use her Throw skill?

Post by Muttie » Fri Feb 08, 2019 12:22 am

I had a look and she should have the animations to throw. FoRes even added AS specifically. The reason she doesn't use it is probably as her throwing skill is too low. Maybe?

And I had a look at the numbers and the following are the ones I found:

DISCLAIMER. Take this with caution as pro readers can be twitchy. I had to mangle it to get the numbers and some results were wonky. For example, Keri's AP got displayed as Base: 8 and Total: 9 (?). Or Mutt's, Drools', Lystra's & Gabriel's crit chance were displayed oddly, too. However, all the other numbers seemed to add up, so...

Note that according to Daemon, companions do not improve their skills when levelling up (if I remember correctly).

The following is only the total of those skills for which a companion received a bonus.

Melee Weapons: 116%
Small Guns: 113%
Barter: 104%
Unarmed: 101%
Throwing: 58%

Energy Weapons: 116%
First Aid: 114%
Doctor: 106%
Speech: 80%
Science: 60%
Small Guns: 47%
Repair: 40%
Big Guns: 32%

Small Guns: 115%
Big Guns: 106%
Unarmed: 104%
Melee: 94%
Energy Weapons: 38%

Unarmed: 126%

Unarmed: 150%
Melee Weapon: 150%

So according to this there does not seem to be much reason to prefer either over the other.

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Re: How to make Keri use her Throw skill?

Post by KL1 » Fri Feb 08, 2019 9:21 am

Thank you for the info.

I can see why she'd never use throw since it's that low percentage as a skill. In fact she should not even mention it at all in her dialogue at all (instead may be mention unarmed), specially when skills don't increase with leveling.

What's surprising for me is how close her secondary Small Guns skill to her primary Melee skill. From her dialogue, I got the impression that she's way better with melee than guns. I always tried to give her melee weapons and set her combat instructions to use 'Melee then Ranged' thinking it's going to be more beneficial. Well, not anymore. I can safely consider Keri as a Small Guns character now.

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