Fallout 1.5: Resurrection

27.01.2017 What's new

First and foremost, we can proudly announce that Resurrection was nominated for the Fan Creation of the Year for South by Southwest (SXSW) Gaming Awards. Everyone can vote for the awards until February 10 on IGN.

New reviews have appeared in the last few months as well. RetrospectiveGaming released a praising video review on his channel. PC Gamer released an article about Resurrection on their website, originally published in the October issue of PC Gamer UK. The readers of the Finnish magazine Pelit could find an article about Resurrection in the October issue as well.

Resurrection can now be played in Polish. People around Polish Fallout fan site fallout-corner.pl completely translated the game into their native language. That's quite an achievement considering how much text Resurrection contains. You can find the Polish translation with installation instructions here.

Lastly, I can now definitely say that we are planning to release patch version 1.6. Players have already reported to us a few bugs in version 1.5, which we'd like to fix. Don't expect as many changes as came in version 1.5 - this patch will be only about squashing the remaining bugs. We can't yet say when the patch will be released. We'll let you know when we ourselves know.


17.11.2016 Patch 1.5 is out

Resurrection version 1.5 is now available for download. You can download the patch here or the full install here. You can find more links to downloads on our download page.

Version 1.5 brings a large number of bug fixes, and various other small improvements. Many of these fixed bugs were found thanks to you, the players. You have reported many of them to us, and we were able to discover some by watching playthroughs on YouTube.

Basic information regarding the patch that we recommend you read before updating Resurrection:

- The patch can be applied to Resurrection version 1.4 only. The English version of the patch doesn't contain changes from the older versions of the game, because the first English release was already version 1.4.
- Save slots from the older version aren't compatible with the new version of the game. After certain changes, Fallout 2 isn't able to load saves made before those changes. Therefore save slots from older versions of Resurrection won't load in Resurrection version 1.5.
- We have updated the versions Sfall and High Resolution patch that are included with Resurrection. If some time in the future you want to update them to newer versions, you can easily do so by copying the newest versions of the ddraw.dll file (for Sfall) or the f2_res.dll file (for High Resolution patch) into the Fallout 2/Resurrection directory. But do not copy ddraw.ini or f2_res.ini into the Fallout 2/Resurrection directory. There're specific settings in these files for Resurrection that are different from the default settings of High Resolution patch and Sfall.
- Since the ini files of High Resolution patch and Sfall are updated with the patch as well, your settings in them (for example the game's resolution) will be set back to default. You'll have to redo your settings with Resurrection's Configuration Program, or by editing those files manually.
- The folder "resdata" found in the folder "Resurrection" was renamed to "data" for version 1.5. The patch installer will take care of the renaming automatically. Thanks to this change, various programs for Fallout file editing will now work with Resurrection without a problem.
- If you downloaded some files containing hot fixes beforehand, you should delete those files before installing the patch (check sub folders in the Resurrection/data folder, or in the case of version 1.4 in the Resurrection/resdata folder). Those fixes are now part of version 1.5. - If you want to see what's new in version 1.5, read the fores_change.log file found in the Resurrection folder, or check the changelog here (beware though, it contains SPOILERS!).
- If you encounter a problem installing or running Resurrection, check the readme file first. The solution to your problem might be there. If the readme doesn't help, let us know on our forum, or email us and we'll try to help you.

Enjoy the game!


26.10.2016 Patch 1.5 Release Date

We've set the release date for patch 1.5 for Thursday, November 17th.

We already know that saves from previous versions of Resurrection won't be compatible with version 1.5. On the plus side, with the patch you'll gain a large number of bug fixes, and various other small improvements. If you want to know right now what's new in patch 1.5, you can see the current changelog for version 1.5 (beware though, it contains SPOILERS!) right here. It isn't a final list, a few changes will yet be added up to release.


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