Fallout 1.5: Resurrection

20.08.2016 Reviews

After the release of the English version of Resurrection some new reviews of our game started to appear, so we've added a new section Reviews here on our site with a list of reviews for the English version.

Right now you can find a link to the review on Starburst (score 9/10) and a link to reviews from players on ModDB. And if you understand Polish, you might be interested in the review on GRYOnline.pl (score 9.0) or you can check out the video review from ROJSON and from Ghrail (score 9/10). And of course, apart from those, many people are sharing their opinions about Resurrection on our forum. Thank you all for your feedback.

Is there a review I haven't mentioned? Let us know about it!

One more thing that deserves mention: We have heard from the fans about their intentions to translate the game into their native languages. Right now, we know about plans to translate Resurrection into Polish, French, and Russian.