Fallout 1.5: Resurrection

12.02.2009 Two new game screenshots

Various reactions to your character based on its stats are a core element of Fallout, as well as one of the things that made it so engaging. The two new screenshots in our gallery show examples of the kind of reactions that a woman character can cause in the world of Resurrection. One could see it as both a negative and a positive case.

We are constantly asked when exactly will Resurrection be done. Moreover the last update was only released in Czech. So I'd like to clarify this one more time: There is no precise release date. As you could see for yourself, we haven't been very successful with setting these, and hence we'll just say that when it's done, it's done, where at this point we are counting on this year. As soon as we'll be able to say something more concrete, we'll inform you through this page. For now... the work keeps going on.