Fallout 1.5: Resurrection

22.05.2008 Small graphics update

Time passed like water and before we knew it came the time for another update from our small world of Fallout modding. Since last time we came yet another step closer to our much sought goal. Though there is still some hard finishing work awaiting us, which is why I’m glad to introduce two new team members, who will hopefully help us with this uneasy task. Both are graphic artists and they’ll aid with unfortunately still unfinished ending screens. They are Míráč (sample of his work: first, second) and Bretan. The graphics chapter still remains unclosed and so if there is someone who’s handy with 3D graphics and feels like they can help, we’ll be glad if you contact us.

Thanks to those who keep their fingers crossed for us. Keep them that way, so that they bring us luck.