Fallout 1.5: Resurrection

26.03.2008 How are we doing and when are we actually going to finish

Firstly I would like to thank those of you, who keep their fingers crossed and ask you to keep them that way. Currently we are starting scripting the last and incidentally the biggest location, which is why I have to announce that Resurrection won’t be finished this month. When we last year set the release date to the end of the year, not only that we really hoped that we will make it, but it also then appeared as a realistic date. We definitely didn’t waste our time. Last year we did an enormous amount of work, which we’ve ended, among other things, with a new design of our web page. Of course not everyone could spend as much time on the project as they would like to, and why not admit it, we didn’t properly estimate the time needed to finish certain things and to do the final tuning.

So when will Resurrection be finished During the hectic period when the new web page was starting we a bit naively moved the release date only to the first quarter of the year. Although not in the first couple of months, the Czech version will definitely be released before the end of the year. Considering the past experience we’ll rather not specify the release date any further, so that we have a sufficient margin, and so this time we can hope be sure that we can make it. Whether the English version will be done this year, I can’t promise with clear conscience, but we’ll do everything we can to make it happen. Either way we’ll keep you informed about the progress of our work.