Fallout 1.5: Resurrection

06.03.2008 Team expanding and new banners added

Thanks to our appeal for help, aimed especially at graphic artists, we got altogether three new team members, that are currently helping us with the necessary graphics elements of the game. As mere list of their names won’t tell you much, we’ve also decided to show you some examples of their previous work, which will introduce them better than any words. And so the new team members are: EDOGIE (sample here and here), EMI (sample here and here) and STEFIX (sample here and here). We welcome and thank them, for deciding to enrich the fallout community through Resurrection.

It is still possible that our team will grow even further in the close future, as recently two more potential team members have volunteered. We hope that their enthusiasm will last and that we can introduce them in the next update. However, even with the new help, there is still a lot of work to be done on the ending screens, and we are therefore welcoming any further help (even something small), especially with 3D graphics.

Moreover quite a few people asked us whether we are releasing any icons or banners for promotion of our site. We’ve decided to oblige (within our capacity) and made an icon and a banner, through which you can link to the Fallout 1.5 site or at least support it. You’ll find both together with the inserting code in a brand new section banners. Obviously they are not as perfect as they could be, but time’s not free, and so we are trying to invest as much as we can of it into the actual mod.