Fallout 1.5: Resurrection

29.01.2008 A sample from an almost finished location

Recently we have finished scripting yet another location, which we are currently testing and tweaking. It’s always a great feeling to see all the design finally working within the game. To share some of this feeling with you, we have two new screenshots for you.

Maybe you will still remember a screenshot of a supermutant in a boxing ring from the previous version of webpages. Now you can see the same situation not in the mapper but already fully working in the game.

On the second screenshot we are showing what the consequences of attempting a surgery without sufficient medical knowledge might be.

Concerning new team members, since the last update two graphic artists contacted us, and we’ll hopefully be able to introduce them to you soon. Still the graphics work is relatively time consuming and we wouldn’t like to take our team members away from their current work, not to delay the project. If you feel like it and you have both time and graphical talent, not only in 3D, but also if you can for example draw, contact us. All help in this area would be really appreciated.