Fallout 1.5: Resurrection

17.12.2007 New webpage and completing in sight

Welcome to our new webpage. We apologize for not updating the English section for so long, which probably created an impression that Resurrection is dead. This is not the case. The mod is still alive and as you can see, we changed the skin of its presentation and moved to a better hosting. We’ve also added new sections: FAQ and Cooperation . FAQ, which should keep us from repeating the same answers. In Cooperation you’ll find out who we are looking for, to help us with the project. The game sample is finally here in English, translated by JaW and recently returned Seto, who also took care of translating this whole webpage.

Most of the text, as well as screenshots, were updated. The oldest screen came from such an old version that we decided to remove it completely. Just because there are fewer screens available now than there were on the previous webpage, don’t think that we in any way cut down the content of Resurrection. Those locations in their current shape would simply give away too much.

Finally from the updates about the page, we would like to invite you to our forum.

The actual Resurrection should be released in the first quarter of next year and its English mutation, which will definitely come out later than the Czech one, some time before the half of the next year.

Before, we have announced the release date to be the end of the year, but as I have then mentioned, it was only an approximation. Release dates are hard to calculate, some of us couldn’t spend as much time on the mod as we would like to, and Resurrection isn’t something we would try to do as fast as possible, not thinking about the quality.

Since March the work definitely didn’t slow down, and in fact was going full throttle. As you’re probably more interested in the current state of development, we’ll try to be specific: All maps are done. Most of the texts are done with the last location being worked at right now. About 75% of all scripting is done. The graphics are mostly done, what remains are a few minor things as well as the ending screens. We’ll inform you about the progress of the development. We plan to post updates much more frequently than until now on the previous webpage.

So keep your fingers crossed… oh and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!