Fallout 1.5: Resurrection

15.11.2011 Resurrection? Just finished playing it!

A few weeks ago I talked to Ratman and Daemon, the FoRes designers, about beta testing the latest version of their modification. My job was clear. Find some bugs, learn thoroughly the entire game and then help with the balancing and some other things that are needed to be done.

I got the game two weeks ago and since then I played hard every day, looking for bugs and trying various solutions for each quest. In the version I got were missing scripts for one city area "only" and a random locations did not work on the map. All other locations are already well playable and need just a little difficulty tuning. Today I finished the game with a not very successful ending, because I came to the final location and my character was at least 5 levels lower than are expectations for this level with a fully functional map.

The game size is similar to Fallout 1, the story that follows. The story is excellent, polished to the smallest details (I dare not guess how many Prague pubs visits was needed to clarify all the story) and fits perfectly into the Fallout universe. Resurrection is more similar to Fallout 2 in variety and number of ways how to finish the quests. Ratman, the designer, said to me that one of the quests he made has up to 7 different possible solutions! The number of endings is higher than in Fallout 2 and almost 3 times as much as in Fallout 1! How will the world look like at the end of your playing in this Fallout will be only up to you. The world will flourish or will be all destroyed?

The dialogues are rich and like in the other Fallout games, depends on how you create your character and what skills you focus on. Of course there is an option to play a dumb character (not tested myself). The dialogue and atmosphere are similar to the Fallout 1. The world seemed to me much darker than the one in the first Fallout game. No wonder, because both major designers are known for their love in playing as bad guys in Fallout games. For me, playing positive character, it was very difficult, because I often had to choose between better evil and worse evil. But honestly, this is probably how the post apocalyptic should looks like, the world where the flower children and bunnies do not have the slightest chance of survival.

How do I rate Fallout 1.5: Resurrection at this stage of development As its name suggests, its story perfectly fills the time gap between the two oldest Fallout games and extends the Fallout universe with qualitatively similar product, even if it is just unofficial part. Part which you will not play once but several times and each time it will be different game, different experience with the different endings.

English version is planned, but it should come up some time after the Czech version.