Fallout 1.5: Resurrection

01.09.2013 Resurrection is going to be released on October 3rd 2013! (the Czech version)

We are going to publish the Czech version of Fallout 1.5: Resurrection for download in the evening on Thursday, October 3rd of this year. I myself have trouble believing it after all those years of development and sometimes I get a feeling that we are going to work on Resurrection for eternity but the release date is really valid. The game is completed and according to the impressions of beta testers does not look bad at all. We want just one more month to put the final touches and exterminate the bugs. We want to make sure that nothing serious escapes our attention which might very well happen when we take into consideration the vast size Resurrection has grown into.

Do not worry; our work is not done yet. Besides fixing the bugs which the players might encounter we are finally going to be able to work properly on the English translation so you might expect the English version sometimes during the next year. We are definitely going to let you know as soon as we are able to determine a more precise date.