Fallout 1.5: Resurrection

13.09.2013 It started out innocently, at the bottom of a large dark cave

I would like to share my impressions of Resurrection, which I’ve just finished. It’s a completely new story from the Fallout universe, taking place between 1 and 2, which I had the opportunity to play as a betatester. 

At the beginning, when I woke up in a cave infested with rats, equipped only with a tiny wooden gun and a few bullets, I couldn’t imagine what the world is like outside. After a rather tough initial challenge lay a path to a village, and with it the first quests. Once I was done there, I found myself in a small town where rats go to die. Only there did the quests related to the main storyline start developing. In the following locations, larger and large cities, the course of events set off at full throttle. The story shows the Fallout universe from a very interesting point of view and I must admit that at times I had to mentally cope with who I am and who I’m playing as. But prejudices and ideals aside, it would be a terrible mistake to miss this postapocalyptic epic. The story is served to the wanderer gradually, through occasional exciting plot twists.

As usual, I wanted to spread the good and help the needy. I tried it, even though I’ve previously read that the world of Resurrection is dark and grim. I think I was doing well at first, but as the time went by I often questioned whether my good intentions led to an even greater suffering of those involved. What's more, I was often challenged with opportunities to take a not-so-ethical job, which brought with it very valuable gear and resources. Because you see, the wasteland is a bitch and the only chance for a lone wolf to survive and succeed is to take advantage of all available opportunities. The transformation away from a benevolent dogooder was slow and inconspicuous, and even though it wasn’t complete, my moral codex suffered a great deal. But the end justifies the means, and sometimes you have to do such things to successfully reach the goal :)

Bread and butter of every RPG are sidequests. Here you find dozens of them, and they’re great. I enjoyed myself while investigating, looking for evidence and interrogating, while doing someone’s dirty work, when I carried out little deliveries, or worked as a mercenary. There could be twice as many of them, and I would still have lots of fun.

I cannot but mention the dialogs. Texts are readable and there are a lot of them. The chatty players will be pleased to know that the game texts would last as long as long as a decent novel.

I have also greatly enjoyed large shootouts, where hordes of raiders attacked from every side. Once I killed the last one of them, I got a warm feeling inside from a job well done, and naturally from all the loot.

I enjoyed shootouts till satiety. When I ran out of human targets, in the form of bad guys, I started traveling to farthest reaches of the world. On my journeys I found some really interesting places, forgotten by men and god.

As I neared the end, I spent more and more time traveling, enjoying every minute of fights out there. Yes, I didn’t want to end this amazing ride. After a very decent final gun fight came the end, which brought the report of how my actions changed the world. And it didn’t disappoint. On the contrary, it raised the question of how an alternative approach would make things different. I will certainly return to the world of Resurrection more than once.

In conclusion I would like to salute the Resurrection team. They have created a wonderful, working postapocalyptic world. One needs a lot of determination and hard work to get all the presented game mechanisms to work. I would compare the size of the game to Fallout 1, with everything being new – no recycled locations from the other games! The stability of the actual game is perfect, and I found no bugs that would prevent me from finishing the game.

And my final rating? I’d give an almost absolute 9-9.5/10! The game is still not officially finished, and I believe that those few little things will be fixed before the release. I wouldn’t have believed that I would once again feel the emotions I did when playing Fallout 1, especially not 16 years after its release. The gloomy atmosphere from Fallout 1 is back in a completely new and magnificent presentation. Though I feel that we’ll never see something like this ever again. For me, Resurrection is the best gaming experience of the year 2013, and is absolutely required for all Fallout 1 positive wanderers!

Max alias Joddy