Fallout 1.5: Resurrection

27.03.2014 Nuclearization - Fallout music not only from Resurrection

We have written about the music project Nuclearization - Voyage In The Post Atomic Unknown already in the past. But that was a few years back and this album definitely deserves to be mentioned again. Emitremmus has not only created dark music as an homage to Fallouts, in the style of the original music by Mark Morgan, but also several tracks directly for Resurrection. I think they have fit in with the original tracks perfectly. If you want to listen to this music outside of the game, you can download the whole Nuclearization album for free here, where you can also read about its origins.

As for the current status of Resurrection, we are still working on the English translation. In the last few weeks we have also focused on finishing up version 1.2 patch, which will be released next week. Even though you have to wait longer than the Czech speaking players, at least you'll be getting a more polished version of the game, free of the initial bugs. Until then we'll keep you informed about the progress of the translation. For now you can take a look at the translation sample we mentioned previously, and let us know what you think about it. You will find it in our forum.