Fallout 1.5: Resurrection

10.05.2015 Wanted: English Proofreaders

The English translation of the game is progressing at a decent pace and I think that this year’s release date looks very realistic. However, in order to make it, we need help with proofreading. Some texts were proofread in the past, but currently we have no one to do it, and the newly translated texts keep piling up. So if your English level is high and you’re willing to dedicate your free time to helping us out with proofreading, please send us an email to info@resurrection.cz. Or if you know of someone, please refer them to us. There are enough texts to keep one or two proofreaders busy for quite some time. We’d welcome someone who is ideally a native speaker and can detect artificially sounding sentences as well as check grammar. Knowledge of the Czech language is not required for this task.

As for the translation itself, we have recently passed another milestone – Sedit, the second biggest city in the game, is now fully translated. The biggest one, Albuquerque, is nearing completion as well.