Fallout 1.5: Resurrection

10.09.2015 Quest Demonstration

I officially welcome Blodcyning, the third proofreader in our team, who's already for several weeks been working on the proofreading of Albuquerque's texts. In addition, he's now also prepared a short video from the game for you.

We have had a game sample here on our website before of a Resurrection quest in the form of screenshots with descriptions, but it was from a work in progress version of the game prior to release, and the English text was just temporary, so it didn't match the final form and quality of Resurrection. Since then a lot has been changed. So we've pulled it out from our website, and instead we have prepared an up to date demonstration from another quest for you, this time in the form of video. In it Blodcyning will show you a side quest from Corath and how it can be solved through three different ways, so you can see what you can expect from Resurrection. Link to the video here.