Fallout 1.5: Resurrection

09.07.2016 One week until Resurrection

July 15 is getting close, there's just one week remaining until the release of Resurrection. We can't give you the precise hour of release, but we expect it to be sometime around the evening in Central European Time.

All you need in order to be able play Fallout 1.5: Resurrection is a full installation of Fallout 2, any version should work (no matter whether from Steam, GOG or CD/DVD). Resurrection already contains patch 1.02 for Fallout 2, as well as the High Resolution Patch for resolution options, and the engine tweak Sfall which introduces neat functional changes to Fallout 2. We'll include an installer that'll take care of the whole installation process, and an archive for manual installation that'll only need to be extracted into the Fallout 2 root directory. In case you happen to have played the Czech version, you might be interested to know that contrary to previous versions, save files from version 1.3 will be compatible with the new version 1.4, so you'll be able to load your old save files.

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