Fallout 1.5: Resurrection

31.07.2016 Thanks for your feedback

Thanks to you all who have shared your opinion about the game with us. The responses to Resurrection have been very enthusiastic, we're glad you like our game.

We're working on fixing some bugs and making small improvements to the game based on the things you players have reported. All of that should be part of the next version of Resurrection. But that will take several weeks to finish, so here's some advice concerning problems that have appeared after release.

It turns out that Resurrection doesn't work with non-English versions of Fallout 2. I mean official versions of other languages: German, French and Russia. With those versions, Resurrection will crash on launch. You need to have the English version of Fallout 2. In the case of the GOG version, you can choose to download the English version, in the case of the Steam version, you can switch languages to English by going to Fallout 2's properties in the Steam client, and going to the "language" tab. If you don't want to, or simply can't install the English version of Fallout 2, you can download this this fix. Extract this archive into your Fallout 2\Resurrection directory. Resurrection should launch after that. If even with this fix you still can't launch the game, or if you catch any text that's still German, French or Russian, let us know.

I have written about the Party Orders Add-on in the previous post. Just to shortly reiterate - If you're using this Add-on and thus found that characters react to your orders in Czech, download this file and copy it into your Fallout 2\Resurrection directory.

The most serious bug that some players have encountered is in the quest "Eliminate the raiders hiding in Lost Town" from Frederyk in Sedit. If you've killed all the raiders and can't report that to Frederyk, check here where you can find a hotfix and information about how to solve your problem.

If you experience frequent random crashes during combat with no obvious cause, try this small tweak: Open the file Fallout 2\Resurrection\fores.cfg for editing. Find the line that says "art_cache_size=524" and change the number 524 to 256, then save the change.