Fallout 1.5: Resurrection

09.05.2013 A little bit about companions

Resurrection is still being finished up. We’ve recruited more testers (Sadako, Chekotay, Joddy, Klimaji), who together with the existing testers keep us rather busy with reports of bugs and little inconsistencies.

So while you’re waiting, I’d like to tell you a little bit about in-game companions – that is NPCs who can follow you around on your journeys. We tried to give them more depth than they had in the original Fallout games, so that they’re not just walking storage containers, but actually come through as individuals with personalities and opinions. (Naturally, I’m talking about the human companions, not the animal ones.) And judging from the reactions of our testers, we have succeeded. While as a consequence of this approach we don’t have as many companions (we’ve even removed the Magnetic Personality perk, as it became obsolete), you can now talk to them about the location you are currently in, as well as their views or advice concerning the present situation. If they have something to say, they will generally notify you with a float (text above the character), indicating that you can talk to them about something new. In some situations they will even initiate the conversation themselves, especially if you do something that they find completely unacceptable. A good example of this (Warning, a little spoiler ahead!) is the ability to join the raiders, given that you find their hideout, and together attack a caravan. Some companions might oppose this and refuse to join you, others might not have a moral problem, but demand a share of the loot afterwards.

I hope that you’ll like our take on companions. Keep looking forward to Resurrection! While we still don’t dare to set the final release date, it definitely isn’t very far.


30.01.2013 What makes Fallout: Resurrection special?

I write this as a veteran of original Fallouts and virtually all its modifications. Awaken mod and Fallout Tactics: Redux for Falout Tactics; FIXT mod pack for Falout 1; Wasteland Merc 2, Mutants Rising demo, the released part of Shattered Destiny, Fallout 2 Restoration Project, MIB88 Megamod, Fallout of Nevada, Last Hope, Ardent’s Fallout 2 mod demo, and Olympus 2207 demo, just to name the biggest mods for Fallout 1 and 2.

Many of these have something unique about them, something that separates them from the others. So what makes Fallout: Resurrection special? Its dark atmosphere.

Forget about the old questing system, where being good meant more experience and being evil meant more money. Throw away the old convention of all-good heroes representing pure goodness, and very obvious bad guys with an insatiable desire to do harm and evil. You’ll see none of that here. The reality here isn’t black and white, you’ll only find shades of gray.

I ignored all warnings and tried my best to walk the path of good. But it soon turned out to be an impossible task. Fallout and its whole world is a wasteland without rules, without values, without morality. It’s a place where money and weapons have the last word. In Fallout: Resurrection you won’t always find good and welcoming people. Here even those you would expect to be friendly will tell you to go to hell, and if you keep bugging them, they’ll actually send you there. There is no fight of “the good guys” like the Brotherhood of Steel against “the bad guys” like the Enclave. Here you see fights between bloodthirsty gangs, raiders, mobsters, slavers, and various other trash of the wasteland.

And even if you try choosing the lesser evil, you will sometimes get it wrong. I've encountered a difficult situation, where I had to immediately decide which side I will join. Both sides had solid proof and arguments, both sides had something to offer. That’s just the reality of Fallout: Resurrection.

The main storyline of the game may at first sound like a classic cliché, but the final ending is really well executed and, together with the rest of the game, fits well with the atmosphere of the original Fallouts.

Other qualities of the game that I’d like to point out are the multitude of ways to solve quests, loads of extra reading and dialogs, well-designed cities, frequent originally coded solutions, and interesting quests.

In the end it’s important to add that there are still very good reasons why the mod is still being developed. Even though the current state allows you to finish the game, there are still many bugs to fix, as well as some final tweaking. That will unfortunately still need time.


21.12.2012 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Today we would simply like to extend our wishes for the holiday season and assure you that the work on Resurrection is still continuing at full speed. Letting someone try the game proved to be quite an encouragement for us. We’ve fixed loads of bugs and tweaked many little things that weren’t working as intended. Our testers should be thanked for all the help they’ve provided with finding all the problems. Soon we’ll hopefully have even more testers try the game. The remaining graphics are now being finished up, thanks to the help from the new volunteers who answered our call: 3DfxMan, Matt (3D graphics), and Marduk 13 (2D graphics). Furthermore Viky started thoroughly proof reading the Czech texts. Though the English version won’t be left too far behind, as translation is also starting up now.

We would also like to introduce the new discussion forum, which was purged of all the spam bots. So if you have any questions or comments, this is the best place to voice them. One technical note: All of the discussions from the old forum were transferred into the new one, together with the users. However, due to the cleanup we had to delete every user with zero posts. So if you find your old account, you’ll just have to re-send the registration email. Otherwise, you’ll have to create a brand new one.

So once again Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year number 13, the year of Resurrection. And no, we haven’t held back the development just so it would work out this way, honest!


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