Fallout 1.5: Resurrection

15.07.2015 Translation and Proofreading Status

First and foremost, thanks to everyone who wrote to us to offer help with the proofreading of the English texts. We've heard from quite a few of you, especially after the announcement of Fallout 4 :) We appreciate your offers. I tried to reply to everyone who wrote to our email info@resurrection.cz; hopefully I didn't forget anyone. If you haven't received a reply yet, please check your spam folder - some of our responses landed there in the past. And so, our proofreading team has grown from just Michael to also include Aaron Campbell, and they will soon be joined by a third person. Therefore, we now have enough proofreaders for a timely completion of the translation, i.e. this year.

The actual translation has also made good progress since the last time. Most importantly, we've finished the translation of Albuquerque, the biggest city in the game, whose size was definitely also reflected in the number and length of the associated texts. There were in the end three translators working on it. Another significant milestone is the translation of the city of Corath, which is currently also being proofread.


10.05.2015 Wanted: English Proofreaders

The English translation of the game is progressing at a decent pace and I think that this year’s release date looks very realistic. However, in order to make it, we need help with proofreading. Some texts were proofread in the past, but currently we have no one to do it, and the newly translated texts keep piling up. So if your English level is high and you’re willing to dedicate your free time to helping us out with proofreading, please send us an email to info@resurrection.cz. Or if you know of someone, please refer them to us. There are enough texts to keep one or two proofreaders busy for quite some time. We’d welcome someone who is ideally a native speaker and can detect artificially sounding sentences as well as check grammar. Knowledge of the Czech language is not required for this task.

As for the translation itself, we have recently passed another milestone – Sedit, the second biggest city in the game, is now fully translated. The biggest one, Albuquerque, is nearing completion as well.


05.02.2015 Translation status in the new year

The English translation of Resurrection is approximately half way done. This is just a rough estimate, based on the number of translated text files. It doesn’t really say how much of the actual text has been translated, because the individual files vary in length. Some are only a few lines long, while others have dozens of pages. If I don’t count proofreading, we have so far completely translated two smaller locations: PROGEMA and Camp of Mutants, as well as the texts associated with random encounters, including the special ones. We’re also nearly done with the starting location New Hope and Sedit, one of the big cities. The work on all other locations has been going on for some time, also. Getting the translation to where we are now took one year. Given that the translation is now fully in motion and all the basics have been worked out, I believe that we can do the second half faster. And so I still think that we can finish this year. We’ll definitely try our best to make it happen.


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