Just finished playing [Spoilers]

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Just finished playing [Spoilers]

Post by Fal2 » Tue May 16, 2017 6:03 am

Finally finished playing the game, version 1.4.x.x

A number of people have already commented on aspects of the game, so I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents.

The party members are very well illustrated. I know some people complained, but I found Keri and especially Lyastra very compelling. Lyastra has a strong motive for getting out into the desert, despite her apparent unsuitability. Her regular comments bring out a clearly-defined character who is a sort of "player-character in her own mind," something not seen very much in Fallout.

What I wanted to say, that might be different than what you've heard before, is that this is the first "end-game area" where I started to seriously second-guess my intentions. I came in there grimly resigned to blowing up another fortress. But, when I spoke with the Ghouls there, and saw the hope in their eyes, and how they sought to transform their lives, even at the expense of a hostile and uncaring human populace, I found myself wondering if I really wanted to defeat them.

I mean, usually the end-bosses and end-areas solidify your resolve. But this time, I started seriously thinking about helping the ghouls. It helps that my player's motivation as a ghoul, who has seen how his people are mistreated, could push him towards helping Rebirth.

It was in conversation with the Saviour that, with proper speech-check, you could discover he and Rebirth were fraudulent. But other than him, much of the area was presented sympathetically, reversing my desire to stop the ghouls. Imagine if more end-game areas were like this: getting you to seriously question your choices throughout the game, and maybe enthusiastically go over to the other side.

Of course, you can always pick 'bad' endings, but the genius of this place was making it seem like a 'good' ending.

People have already celebrated the map design, characters, music, etc... It's a much harsher and more realistic environment than the Fallout sequels. Not harsh for the sake of being harsh and 'grimdark,' but rather the wasteland has its own logic. The solutions to problems are not convoluted, but do require thought and common-sense, rather than following lazy cliches. You have to place yourself as a rational actor within the Fallout 1.5 environment. I can see what the designer intentions were, and they succeeded.

But what I noticed, in addition to the existing commentary, was the end location. It's really interesting to contemplate how a character could radically and legitimately reconsider main quest objectives (that have structured the entire game), upon learning new information. That's something I would like to see in the future.

I was awed by the imperial campaign, the complexity of the conspiracy presented in a Fallout game, and the epic battle. There's very much a soul to that city.

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