Game difficulty among others

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Game difficulty among others

Post by Jeffrow » Fri Aug 26, 2016 9:47 am

Just as everyone else has said here, I have to start off with "AMAZING WORK!" I consider this the best Follout total recreation mod out there.

It's obvious you are all incredible programmers, and I only want to offer my opinions. I have completed both the original FO1 / FO2 well over 200 times (Not trying to say I'm the man! Just want you to know I have been obsessed with this genre for about 20 years).

- Many skill checks require a much too high %. Even playing on the easiest setting, I found I failed most of them (Formula should be: Easy = New to the game, just want to enjoy the story. / Normal = I'm experienced, let's do this. / Expert = Buy an external hard drive for all the extra save files I'll need).
- Experience! I ended the game both times, around lvl 16/17 (entering rebirth at 14/15). Couldn't find a really good place to level up, but maybe I missed it on the world map.
- Armor! I'll admit I've only beat the game 2 times. But no Adv Leather, Adv Metal, Combat jacket, Tesla, Hardened Power, (I understand it may conflict with the lore you are trying to achieve)
- Weapons! I'll admit I've only beat the game 2 times. But no... okay you get it. (I love the anti-material and plasma cannon BTW nice work!)
- Random Encounters is definitely an area for improvement. Is there special encounters? Is there actual trading encounters besides people offering me 6 caps? People with directions?


Variety - You have stayed true to the Fallout formula of letting the player choose his path no matter what. I love that! Here's a quick documentary I found today if you're bored!

This is why this is going to go down as one of the best fallout classic mods in history. Great work, we love it.
You've made me the psychotic child murdering maniac I was when I was 13. Thank you.

I'd say lower the skill checks as the game has very minimal chance for leveling,
OR increase the leveling (either through experience or grinding, also makes it very hard to get those high lvl perks we all love so much :D )
Add more guns and armor.

I give this game a 9.9/10!
And my new favorite fallout mod. Nice work!

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