Raid on swarm of Deathclaws

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Raid on swarm of Deathclaws

Post by RATEL » Sun Feb 26, 2017 7:24 pm

Hey guys (& gals?),

I've just started the game, and had a 4th level character when I came across 2 people in metal armours.
They wanted to trade but had nuffin but bunch of apples and a few caps. But, I noticed a cave to the north.
After entry I realised that this is a nest of large Deathclaws. In the first impulse I fled.
But after a while, I thought, they need to taste my claws instead.

Soon after the first one was shredded:

The rest of them was not as anxious to meet a honeybadger, as the first one:

When the dance was finished , a dozen of deathclaws ended up in the arms of Hades.

Big up for the real fans of the wasteland from the Czech Republic for bringing the game back!
Well done lads,

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