Fallout 1.5: Resurrection

18.07.2016 A few interesting notes

First of all, thank you for playing our game!

Two playthroughs (that we know of) of Resurrection in English have already been started on YouTube. You can find one from Colonel RPG here and one from Al's Gaming here.

Maybe not everyone has noticed the features brought to the game by Sfall, which is part of Resurrection. For example you can use the mouse wheel to go through the items in your inventory. Also you have an unlimited number of save slots available - Click on the arrow next to the number above the slot list to change the page. Another useful feature is the left shift key - Hold it in order to highlight all items on the ground.

Resurrection contains the Party Orders Add-on as well. It allows you to give simple orders, like changing position or looting bodies, to party members using keyboard hotkeys. To learn more, see the "Party Orders Add-on" section in our readme, or read the full readme of the Add-on itself - You'll find it in your Fallout 2\Resurrection directory, it's named "party orders addon v10d Readme.txt". Unfortunately we forgot to translate it into English for release, so if you wish to use it, please download the now-translated file here and copy it into your Fallout 2/Resurrection directory.

One last thing: If you catch any spelling or grammatical errors during your play, please don't hesitate to report them to us, so we can correct them. We've worked hard to make the English translation the best possible, but English isn't our native language, and with such a large project as Resurrection, there's only so much that our proofreaders can do. That's why we can't rule out that there might still be errors in the text. We have created topic for this purpose on our forum.