Fallout 1.5: Resurrection

02.07.2006 Screens and changes in team

Maybe, after so much time, it will sound like nothing but a mere worn-out phrase, but our project is still alive and we are honestly working on it. To beguile your waiting time, we have added four new screenshots. Finally I would like to announce changes in our team, as graphic artist Mad_Eye has left and vice-versa a new scripter DJ Popelnik has joined us.


04.10.2005 Changes in team

Only minor update: Scripter Slayn was replaced by Abe. + Mad_Eye (Graphics) joined to our team.


07.05.2005 News

Similar to the last update, we have been too busy working on the project to update our website so unfortunately the wait was long. But we now have available three new screenshots and an image of the entrance to a city in the image gallery.

Changes to the team were few, with the addition of a new scripter, Slayn.


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